The Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series

Elizabeth is the author of the popular Secret Agent Jack Stalwart chapter book series for younger readers. The series has been named a 'must read' for boys by the British Education Secretary, serialized by BBC Radio 4, and featured on Virgin Atlantic Airways international flights. Elizabeth's love of travel and adventure is what inspired her to write the award-winning 14 book series. Her latest is Book 14: The Mission to Find Max (Egypt).

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Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur Search for the Sunken Treasure Mystery of the Mona Lisa Caper of the Crown Jewels Secret of the Sacred Temple Puzzle of the Missing Panda
Pursuit of the Ivory Poachers Peril at the Grand Prix Deadly Race to Space Quest for Aztec Gold Fight for the Frozen Land Theft of the Samurai Sword
 Nepal  Egypt        



The author of the Jack Stalwart series, Elizabeth Singer Hunt, is hard at work on another series starring Jack and a featured character from one of the original books. 'I am so excited to be working on another series for Jack,' said Elizabeth. 'This new series will feature similar adventures to the first, but will include Jack and a 'mystery' character.' Publication timing is 'to be determined', but Elizabeth is hoping the new series will launch in 2015. Keep checking this website over the coming months for more news.

In addition to being read the world over in English, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Slovene, Jack is now available in China! Popular Science Press has bought the rights to feature Jack's adventures in that country.

From Elizabeth

I'm so excited to say that children all over the world are playing the new JACK STALWART: PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE APP! If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can find it on the Apple iTunes store. The app is available for the iPad and iPad Mini only and allows children the chance to become secret agents and solve missions around the world.

If anyone is interested in reading the app's privacy policy, it's listed below.



The JACK STALWART: PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE APP was developed to be as safe as possible for children. The app does not collect information about its users, nor does it use a third party to analyze usage data. There are no in-app purchases necessary to play, and no push notifications will be sent. The app does not integrate with or link to any outside media. It is a safe, 'closed' app for children.